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You'd like to become a CPA, and you're excited to get started on the journey. But to get there, you'll need a comprehensive CPA Study Guide to help you navigate through the difficulties involved with passing the CPA Exam. That's where Yaeger CPA can help you.

Unlike in years past, when the exam was geared towards entry-level accounting positions, these days the test is designed by the AICPA to simulate realistic job duties and tasks of those with two or more years of accounting experience. The exam now focuses on real-world situations and challenges CPA candidates with complex case studies that they must solve through the application of accounting knowledge to pass.

Unlike many of our competitors, the Yaeger CPA Study Guide has the AICPA Blueprints integrated directly into their course material. By referencing specific skills required by the AICPA, this ensures that our review course prepares our students for the complexities of the simulations and case studies featured in the exam, rather than on memorizing old questions. Our course material not only prepares students to take and pass the exam, but also gives them the tools required to succeed once they become practicing CPAs.

In addition to our superior course material, Yaeger CPA offers several incredible value-adds that our competition simply cannot match. For starters, our all-access course bundle, which includes all four CPA Exam study guides, is only $1,589. That price point is hundreds or even thousands of dollars less than our competitors. If you're looking to focus on a single course, we offer the FAR, AUD, REG, and BEC CPA Study Guides for only $425 each.

Plus, included in these prices, are our CRAM courses. These courses are the perfect final wrap-up review. After weeks of studying, the CRAM courses bring it all together for you a week of two before your exam date. Our CRAM courses can be purchased separately. At only $275 each, you can hone your skills for any of the four parts of the exam for far less than you would pay with any other provider. Why would you pay so much more and get less?

Our all-access CPA Study Guide includes a set of printed books, which are an added expense if you go with Becker, Roger, or Wiley. Our bundled course materials have 120 hours of in-depth video lectures (presented in 15 minute clips), 6,000+ multiple choice questions, a quiz generator and an exam simulator, final wrap-up review CRAM courses, complimentary audio lectures and flashcards, and unlimited use of the course material for a full 18 months. We offer complimentary phone access to the company's founder (Dr. Phil Yaeger) and unmatched service and support through phone, email, and our message board, all of which are provided by our experienced team of CPA exam instructors. Simply put, Yaeger CPA offers the finest value possible in CPA Exam preparation.

If you've been dreaming of becoming a practicing CPA, studying for and passing the CPA Exam is the first step to realizing that goal. But wishing for it won't make it happen. You need a reliable partner to help guide you through the process. There is no better or more comprehensive CPA Study Guide available today than Yaeger CPA Review. We offer the lowest pricing in the industry and the best service and support you can find. Don't wait! Sign-up today with Yaeger CPA and get the best CPA exam prep in the business.