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What is the best CPA Exam preparation?

Once you've made the career-changing decision to become certified, your next step is to find the best CPA Exam review course. There are several reputable CPA review courses available. The trick is to find the CPA study guide that is right for you.

To answer the question of how to prepare for the CPA exam, each candidate must research all the different CPA review study programs to determine the best CPA Exam review for them. Each CPA study guide, in its own way, is good, but it's the candidates' responsibility to choose the one most compatible with their particular study preferences.

A quick Google search is a great place to start, providing a list of several CPA study guide programs. How can you know whether you’re choosing the right one, that will actually help you succeed, rather than hinder you? Keep in mind, when choosing a CPA review program, you need to take into account factors such as price, scheduling, teaching line-height: 115%;"> the teachers rely on rote memorization, or do they teach in a way that ensures you’ll actually remember the information for the long-term? Is the entire program run by a single person, or is there a vibrant community of instructors and students who you can turn to for support? What do they do to ensure their materials are always current and up-to-date? How long have they been in business and do they have a solid track record of students who’ve successfully passed the CPA exam?

Make certain that, before you invest your time and money, that you review a FREE DEMO of the course, showing their instructors in action, as well as a sample of their teaching materials. This point can not be stressed enough. Candidates should be looking for instructors who are not only knowledgeable in their area of expertise but also excel in their communication skills. No point if, by the end of the class, the instructor knows all about Leases, but you don't! Besides, you wouldn't buy a car unless you test drove it first. Take-away from this advice, review their Demo before you buy.

Many candidates find themselves in the position that their employer covers the initial outlay of money for a certain review program of their choice. This is usually the most expensive course on the market. Therefore, it makes sense that most candidates in this position opt to take the "free" course to prepare for the CPA exam. Even though "free" versus money out of your own pocket, seems like a "no brainer," if this is not the best CPA exam review for you, you've wasted a lot of time. Candidates should look carefully at all their options and try to make the best evaluation, remembering time is money.

Beyond any CPA course in itself, there are numerous strategies you can employ to enhance your studying. One is to find, and partner with, a study buddy. This could be another CPA student in your area, or even someone you connect with online and have study sessions with through Skype or other remote communication software.

Lastly, start putting technology to work on your behalf. Most people have mobile phones or tablets nowadays. Did you know there are a handful of great CPA review study apps you can download? For instance, there are apps that provide sample questions, simulate timed test-taking sessions, and much more.

Bottom line, do your homework. Look into all your options and don't forget to evaluate the FREE demo. Once you've made your choice, make sure that the CPA study guide you picked lives up to all the promises made in their marketing. Remember, even the best CPA exam review will only be as good as your 100% commitment to doing your part to pass your CPA exam.