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We are a teaching course and all of our content incorporates the AICPA Blueprints.

We recommend the following order: FAR, AUD, REG, BEC

We recommend allocating 15-20 hours a week for about 12 months if you are a full-time working professional. We suggest you allocate 3.5 months for FAR, 2.5 months for AUD, 3 months for REG, and 3 months for BEC.

First off, passing this exam is possible. Don't get discouraged. However, since everyone's situation is unique we recommend contacting the Yaeger CPA Review team to discuss what may have gone wrong this time and how you can do better next time. Please visit our Contact information page.

We offer technical support 7 days a week. Please visit our Contact information page.

We have a no refund or return policy.

We update our videos yearly and maintain our content throughout the year. You'll receive free digital content updates during your access window (typically 18 months from your purchase date). The most up to date hard copy books are available for $65/each at any time.

Yes! Sign up for our mailing list and be the first to know about our upcoming promotions and discounts.

Once you have determined that you have met your State's eligibility and understand what is involved to qualify for a CPA license, one of the most obvious ways to prepare yourself for the CPA exam is to invest in a CPA review program. Chat with us today to find out why Yaeger CPA is the best choice for you!

CPA Exam requirements vary by state. Click here to find your state's requirements.

Compared to other programs in the market, Yaeger CPA Review is a teaching course. We teach concepts so that our students understand what they are doing and how to respond to a question. We reinforce our lectures by working hundreds of multiple choice and simulation questions along with you. We even work journal entries so that you get a good feel for what you will need to do on the exam.

Other courses in the market are memorization courses. They use many mnemonics and memorization tricks. You end up underlining and highlighting your entire book. We believe, if you have a true understanding of the concepts, you will be better able to answer the questions you will see on your exam. We emphasize understanding over memorization and repetitive MCQ.

In short, better teaching, better technology and a level of unmatched personal service sets us apart from any of the competitors in the market.

Four-part courses and single-part courses include all of the following – online video lectures powered by AdaptaPASS; final review CRAM course; both hardcopy bound and PDF textbook(s); instructor support, by email and phone (including Phil Yaeger); message boards monitored by Yaeger CPA staff; digital flashcards for on-the-go studying; test bank software; listen-n-learn MP3 audio lectures.

Our CRAM course can add 5 to 15 points to your score - a difference between a 74 and a passing score! It contains a video course and PDF text book and is designed as a final wrap-up to assist candidates a week or so prior to taking the exam. Read more about our CRAM course here.

Our TestBank Software includes over 4,000 multiple choice questions and is being constantly updated. Our Quiz Engine allows students to select the number of questions and specific topics they'd like to be tested on. Read more about it here.

After completion of a quiz you'll see a detailed analysis of what you did right or wrong. You can view each question individually, see the correct answer to that question and some questions will even give a detailed explanation on why that answer is correct. Read more about our quiz generator here.

We do offer an interest free payment plan. Email for details or Call 1-800-824-2811 ext. 6.

No. We do not have a payment plan for single sections at this time. Sign up to get current discount offers here.

We have a free software trial available by registering at this link and you can view examples of our exam review videos here.

Yes, the software is compatible with all operating systems.

Includes extension for 3 months to any failed* section. To qualify for the Yaeger CPA Review Pass Guarantee you must: (1) purchase directly from Yaeger CPA Review, (2) complete the CPA Review program online (completed and answered 90% of the course with no more than a 45-day break in your studies) to be eligible. Note: Review course progress is tracked automatically and must be verified by one of Yaeger CPA's Review staff

If you do not pass the CPA exam, you must send a copy of your official grades from your state board showing that you did not pass the section(s) that you were studying for with Yaeger CPA's Review course material.

You can restart your study plan with an updated date here.

We believe that you should have unlimited use of the course for 18 months to match your AICPA Notice to Schedule, which is in line with the requirement to finish the CPA examination parts within 18 months of passing the first exam. Access can be extended to 24 months if needed.

There is an update fee in order to obtain the most up to date course materials. Please email for pricing.

Domestic shipping: $15.00 for single parts and $25.00 for Full courses purchase. Express shipping available at checkout. International shipping determined at checkout.

Once you make a purchase, please allow for up to 24 hours for your access to be granted and PDF books to be emailed to you. Your printed, hard-copy books will be shipped to you based on the shipping option you've selected at checkout.

We do! We offer three different versions, accessible from either your desktop, Android/Blackberry device or iOS device and best of all, they're included in the cost of the course! If all you need are the Flashcards, you can purchase them separately for $79.99. Read more about them here.

Our Listen-n-Learn audio files mean you can download any section of a lecture either individually, or all at once. Listen to your CPA review while commuting, at the gym or even at the grocery store! You can also study our flashcards from your smartphone or tablet.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a specific percentage. We've found that courses that do provide percentages are likely to be inaccurate and infrequently updated because the AICPA does not track or post review provider pass rates.

All review providers must calculate their own pass rates using student questionnaires and feedback. In our experience, candidates are very reluctant to share their scores. Often, candidates will share successes and not failures so rates are likely to be skewed.

We advise against using passing rates as a way of judging a review course. Instead, we recommend looking at our student reviews.

Yes. An internet connection is required for video streaming and using AdaptaPASS. If you're in an area with slow connection speeds, please contact us for options. We suggest downloading the audio lectures for plane rides and commutes when you're not able to connect to the internet.

Our bundle includes 1-on-1 instructor help and coaching - a difference that sets us apart from other CPA Exam Prep programs. You can even call Dr. Phil Yaeger directly! There is unlimited instructor help via phone, email and our message board.

We are actively seeking Campus Representatives to build awareness and facilitate communication between Yaeger CPA Review, students, professors and staff. This position is typically for junior and senior accounting majors who are passionate, innovative, enthusiastic, creative and committed to market our program. To read more, or apply, click here.

Yaeger CPA Review is proud to be affiliated with firms, state societies, and other industry groups. Discounts may be available for affiliate organization members.

No, we only offer online self-study programs at this time.

Our content development team is always working on developing new task-based simulations. We currently have over 150 task-based simulations loaded into our exam simulator. And unlike other courses, you're not limited to the number of times you can practice each simulation.

Yes, our content is 100% up to date with the current requirements of the CPA Exam. We are the first and only course to "teach to the test" using 100% AICPA blueprint integration.

Yes. We know that life sometimes gets in the way of studying and breaks happen. We're glad you've decided to get back on the path to your CPA! Please contact us for returning student pricing.

Yes. We've found many people who've been unsuccessful with other courses are able to persevere and pass with Yaeger. Please contact us for pricing and terms.

AdaptaPASS technology will adapt to how you perform and create a unique learning experience just for you. This technology will focus on teaching you what you don't know, rather than forcing you through repetitive sets of questions that you do know. Make your study work for you, taking the guesswork and wasted time out of the equation. Learn more about the technology here.