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Video Lectures

Watch video lectures like never before, with an in-depth textbook and content synchronization. These comprehensive videos will cover every aspect of the exam you will need to know. Our CPA review instructors will give you an in-depth look at the knowledge and implementation of materials you will be tested on, including complete AICPA blueprints.

Quiz Generator and Exam Simulators

Create Smart Exams and Quizzes

Use the quiz generator to create custom testing to test your retention as you study. Make sure you are being challenged in the ways you want, review specific aspects of the exam, and have access to customized tests!


Check out our incredibly interactive textbooks! With our unique textbook tool, on the left side of your screen you watch the professor lecturing and on the right side of your screen, you will see the text material from our books in sync with the lectures.

Included in the CPA Review Basic PLUS+ or for individual purchase

CRAM Courses

Add 5 to 15 points to your score!

The YAEGER CPA Review CRAM course is designed as a final wrap-up, to assist CPA candidates a few weeks prior to taking the exam. No matter what review course you have taken for your initial study, our CRAM program will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses before you go in to take the exam so that you are fully prepared on your exam day. Let our CRAM course help you pick up those extra points that will make the difference!

Included in the CPA Review Basic PLUS+ or for individual purchase

Audio Lectures

Reinforce key concepts!

Listen 'n' Learn as our instructors methodically go over all of the key concepts you need to understand for the exams. Great for exam preparation on-the-go!

Included in the CPA Review Basic PLUS+ or for individual purchase

Included in Course

Video Lectures

Testbank Software


Basic Plus also Contains

Audio Lectures

CRAM Courses

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CPA Review Basic


single part
  • 120+ hours of streaming video lectures
  • Online Textbooks synced to Video Lectures
  • Downloadable PDF Textbooks
  • Multiple Choice Practice Questions
  • TestBank: Quiz Generator
  • TestBank: Exam Simulator
  • 24-month Access ...learn more
  • Two 15-minute phone calls with Phil Yaeger to set up a Personal Study Plan and Review Progress
  • Contact our instructors directly through our Instructor Hotline ($100/hr, 1 hr minimum)...buy now
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CPA Review Basic PLUS+

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Everything in Basic


  • CRAM - Final, Wrap-up, Review
  • Audio Lecture Series
  • Unlimited Access... LEARN MORE
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Featured Review

Charlotte McKinney

"Great program, I watched the videos, went through the book, answered many (not all) of the review questions and passed all 4 sections in 6 months during busy season. Being out of school for a while, this was the perfect course to help me through the exam! Thank you a hundred times!"

Why is Yaeger CPA the Best CPA Course?

Our 'PHILosophy' for CPA Exam success is built from the experience of our lead instructor and founder, Phil Yaeger, PhD, MBA, CPA, CGMA.

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Our priority is to make sure you are confident about taking the CPA Exam, going above and beyond to ensure you understand and feel prepared.

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We Are Here For You Whenever, For Whatever You Need

Whether you need a pep talk, want to discuss concepts that doesn't make sense, or complain about how no one seems to understand what you're going through, we are always here.

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Pay For Only What You Need

No one studies for the CPA Exam forever, so why pay thousands of dollars more for access that you don't need? Our program is designed to keep you on track and focused on passing the exam within your testing window. We have affordable pricing with the option to set up a payment plan through Affirm®. Pay now or as you go with our easy subscription plan.

AICPA Blueprints - The Path To Success

Yaeger CPA Review fully integrates the AICPA Blueprints into all study materials. Rather than waste time on rote memorization, our instructors teach you to understand the concepts and apply your critical thinking skills.

Most Popular CPA Exam Prep Material

Our CPA Exam prep and study materials are built with the AICPA Blueprints and refined with over 43+ years of experience to create the most effective learning methods.


All- Access Bundles

  • Comprehensive bundle of resources to ensure Exam success
  • Books, video and audio lectures, final review, CPA Exam simulator, and more
  • Supportive online community and direct access to CPA instructors, including Phil Yaeger
  • Flexible payment options including a pay-as-you-go subscription and interest-free financing plan

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