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Many candidates tell us that they took the course their employer paid for, but it didn't work for them. Why?

Well, many times the "exclusive" deals found in many CPA firms may not reflect the best CPA Review program for you! There is a difference, and now you are ready to find out why candidates turn to YAEGER CPA Review when they are ready to pass the CPA Exam.

Now it is time! Learn the concepts tested on the exam and STOP memorizing text and questions in a textbook. You are finally in the right place. Retire that highlighter and stop watching one person tell you that they know everything and buckle down and learn.

No exam curves, just knowledge. And that is what you need to pass this exam. Each testing window and each year the AICPA will continue to make the exam more challenging in order to produce the best, most qualified entry level Certified Public Accountant.

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