Urgent News

COVID 19 may have slowed down the implementation of the AICPA blueprints, but not indefinitely.

  The AICPA has already promised the introduction of at least 3 new blueprints in Auditing for the July 2021 exams.
After that there will be additional significant changes in the other parts.

Now more than ever, you must pass the exams before July 2021. And Yaeger CPA Review can show you how, the right way. We want you to start studying NOW, and start with FAR, followed by AUD, REG, and BEC. This order will give you the best chance of avoiding the upcoming changes.

Phil Yaeger

NOTE from Phil Yaeger directly: "I've been in the CPA Review business for 40+ years, I know this Exam and I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for candidates to take the exam as soon as possible to avoid dealing with the changes. Believe me, changes always make the exam harder to pass."

It is imperative that you start your studying now before it is too late!!