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Thank god our paths crossed a little over a year ago because if not I would still be dealing with Rogers courses and failing those exams. I just got my BEC score and I got a 78 which means I officially passed all exams and I am done!! It is still so surreal and I can't believe the day I've been waiting for for three years is finally here. It's such an amazing feeling. I am so thankful for the opportunity you gave me. I intend to write a separate email to Phil, but please give the other instructors and those on the sidelines my thanks for everything. I can't thank you enough. :)

Alison Shabot CPA

You made me realize how a good teacher can shape a student's life and I owe you a lot for that. Today as we celebrate Teacher's Day in India, I wanted to take this time to thank you for guiding and motivating me throughout my exams. Thank you so much for everything. Thanks and regards,


I wanted to take a moment to thank the professionals at Yaeger for developing such a useful and worthwhile CPA review course...that actually works! I am a Yaeger convert after having gone through the entire 4 courses with Becker with spotty success. With Becker, I had to repeat BEC and simply could not get through FAR (I did pass AUD and REG on the first try but I am an auditor by profession). After failing FAR 3 times (73, 68, 67), I finally switched to Yaeger because I had heard that Yaeger focuses more on journal entries and hands-on instruction. My problem with FAR was that I kept running out of time and not finishing the sims.

Although it took me a little while to get used to a new instruction style, I quickly saw how much better the Yaeger instructors are in actually teaching the material in a way that "sticks." While Becker is all about catchy mnemonics and rote memorization, Yaeger actually teaches the concepts! I really appreciated that the instructors worked the problems on the whiteboard and provided explanations as to the incorrect answers. Above all, the constant references to journal entries and t-accounts made all the difference for me. With the sims now being weighted 40% of the score, it is critical to actually understand the concepts (not just memorize formulas) so that you can get through the multiple choice faster and have more time to work through the sims in a systematic way (not just frantically filling in blanks hoping that you'll get enough points to pass!).

With Yaeger, I finally passed FAR with an 87!
Thank you Phil, Cynthia and Yaeger Team!


I am very happy, relieved, shocked, un-weighted right now as I sit and ponder that I have finally passed my last part of the CPA Exam and I am finished. It has been a long 20 month journey from start of studying to finish and I must say I am a little exhausted. I can honestly say that I truly was a Yaeger convert after all of my previous attempts and failures until I switched to Yaeger and passed. I have to wonder why I was dumb enough to fail FAR 3 times before switching and Audit 4 times before I made the switch. I could be a case study for sure. But in the end, it was Yaeger that got me through and to a point where I can say: "I AM DONE!"" A great big huge thank you to all of the instructors for their time and expertise in the videos, the availability of Phil and other staff members for phone calls in those times of help and need and confusion (which btw, other companies are not so nice about, and quite condescending at times), and the great products Yaeger offers in conjunction with Wiley to create, in my estimation, the BEST CPA study aid on the market. The Audit CRAM that I received in response to a writing request gave me the extra study boost right before exam time and left me with a higher level of confidence in being ready for that last test, which I passed with my highest score ever and came up 17 points from my previous failure in doing so. Yaeger ROCKS!
Just say "YES!" to Yaeger and "Git 'er done people!"
A most happy Yaeger student and now CPA,

Kelli Mayer

Dear Yaegar Team, I just wanted you guys to know that I just received a passing score on my FAR CPA exam!!!! Thank you all for your help and awesome lectures. I tried Becker before and failed but improved dramatically with your course. Thank you. Kindest regards,

Judy Tang

I just got my results for FAR and i cleared with an 81 !!! This was the last section for me, so i am a CPA now. Heartiest thanks to all the professor and whole team of yaeger. I could have not done without you all. i wrote a note on the CPAnet forum about my results and recommending Yaeger review to students. I was about to give up on hope of becoming CPA and i found this review course at the perfect time. i was about to loose my credits if i could not clear FAR. Yaeger team truly deserves all the compliments and praises. I adore your teaching style, because you show real effort and real passion for teaching. FAR is the most challenging of all four in terms of quantity and quality of information, but you made it easy for me.

Cindy, All the points you said during the lecture and in the pod-cast were all true. i was remembering you through the exam, with a smile on my face, because whatever things you pointed out was there on the exam. Thank you so much Cindy for all your time answering my questions.

Phil, Thanks for going an extra mile and teaching me personally, i really appreciate all the efforts. I cannot thank yaeger team enough. Good luck to all of you for future endeavors. Sincerly,

Jamna Trivedi

I am a Yaeger Convert!! For 6 years, I have been trying to pass the CPA exam. I've used Roger's CPA review and Bisk CPA review. I tried to learn the subjects and the concepts. However, after the jokes in the lectures are laughed at and not funny anymore, I can't really tell you what was the point of the lecture.

What I do remember is that I was bombarded with a TON of Mnomincs, to which does not help me retain and understand the subject matter. Test windows after test windows, and year after year... I was close on every section but can't quite reach the illusive 75+ score. I was upset.. no.. I was pissed-off!! I was pissed because I was the stepping stone for others who have passed. I was the lower end of the curve so others can be the Licensed Professional Accountant that I tried to be. I have sunken in hundereds of dollars in fees to the state board and thousand of dollars in tuition and material in CPA review course. Not to mention the family time I lost, spending alone early in the morning and late at night studying. I AM DONE!! I want no part of this CPA thing anymore!!

Thank goodness I didn't give up! I found Yaeger CPA and discovered that they actually "teach" the material and the concept. The extensive video lectures that Yaeger Instructors went through made me solidify my understanding and pointed out my weaknesses. I was able to cleared REG first and then FARE, I am now just 4 weeks away from clearing my 3rd Exam in AUD and I am proud to say... I am DEFINITELY a Yaeger Convert and soon to be CPA. Thank you Team Yaeger!! I owe you more than you know...

Bernard Wang

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