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International CPA Review

Welcome to Yaeger CPA Review, your premier provider of CPA Exam course content for candidates livingin the United States or abroad. The information contained below will help those CPA candidates that reside outside of the United States determine:

1.  The eligibility requirements for a specificUS state for CPA Certification

International CPA candidates typically lookto the US state that is "most likely" to honor the educational credits issued by international universities (Delaware, Colorado, New Hampshire or Maine). Once the state is determined, you must have your college transcripts evaluated.

Please visit this link to determine the state you are most qualified to take the US CPA exam:             

 2.   Contact information for college transcript evaluation;

Applicants who have completed educational requirements at institutions outside the US must have their credentials evaluated by one of the following agencies in order to sit for the exam within the US.

Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc., - (800) 234-1597:

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.:

Foreign Academic Credentials Service, Inc.:

The Foreign Educational Document Service - (209)948-6589:

Global Services Associates:

Global Education Group, Inc.:

Joseph Silny & Associates, Inc.:

World Education Services, Inc.:

Are You Prepared for the Uniform CPA Examination?

Thanks to the efforts of the AICPA and NASBA, the CPA exam now has testing centers in Japan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon and the UAE. For students in those regions, as well as any CPA candidates taking the test abroad, do you have access to CPA review materials that will ensure high scores?

With Yaeger CPA Review, you can rest easy, knowing that it has helped students from all over the world achieve high CPA scores. Through Yaeger, global CPA candidates gain:

  • Powerful Teaching Tools - Learn the valuable skills and information that will make you a high-performance CPA.
  • Technology-Driven Learning - Online video, audio, and USB formats make Yaeger''s CPA review materials easy to access and use, no matter where you are.
  • Comprehensive Scope - Leave no topic untouched as you prepare for each section of the CPA exam and discover how they all interrelate.

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Conquer the CPA Exam with the Best CPA Review Courses

Considering the amount of effort, and money candidates must invest just to qualify for the CPA exam, you want to make sure that when the time comes to actually take the CPA exam, you perform your best.

As international availability of the CPA exam continues to expand, Yaeger CPA Review continues to offer only the highest-performing review materials to global CPA candidates.