What You Want From a CPA Exam Review

You want to know that your investment in a CPA exam review course is worth it. You don’t want to waste the time or money, only to discover that you’ve gone into a section ill-prepared, lacking confidence in your answers, or having to take it over again next time. No, when it comes to such a life-altering process, you want:

High Scores – Confidence - Success

If you’ve used other CPA course materials before and haven’t achieved your desired results, perhaps it’s time to give the Yaeger CPA review course a try and see how it can work for you!

Our CPA Exam Review Works for You

Everyone’s career path is unique, as is each person’s learning style. That’s why we’ve crafted the Yaeger CPA exam review to meet each students’ need. You aren’t locked into a study pattern that isn’t productive or efficient. Rather, you can determine the approach that’s best for you.

Our course adapts to fit your specific:

  • Learning Style – Our multimedia mix of CPA course materials, including online resources, textbooks, online videos, and more, you have a wide variety of tools to use in preparing for the exam.
  • Budget – Our HomeStudy courses can be broken up by section, so you can start your study process immediately and not have to wait until you can pay for it all at once.  We will work with you to set up a payment schedule to meet your needs.
  • Timing – We provide CPA review materials broken out into yearly study plans, annual updates, and home study plans that fit alongside your schedule. Plus, online material is always available to you, no matter the time or place.

The Yaeger CPA review course adapts to boost your intellectual strengths and shore up your weaknesses so they aren’t a liability the next time you take the examination.

Discover Your Full CPA Potential
Even if you’ve experienced multiple exam failures in the past, don’t let that discourage you from discovering future success. We, at Yaeger, understand the challenge the CPA certification presents, which is why we provide the best resources through our:

  • Expert Instructors – Our teachers focus on passing on valuable concepts, rather than wringing you through useless memorization routines. The best part is, their lectures are always available to you online, through DVDs, or USBs.
  • Top Quality Materials – Be engaged by Wiley textbooks, HomeStudy packages, Listen- n-Learn Audio Lectures, online or CD Practice software, and CRAM CPA review materials.

Tap into the amazing benefits Yaeger offers today. The testimonies of those who have found success through our CPA exam review speak for the results that can be yours.