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The Best Selection of CPA Review Course Materials

You’ve spent countless hours preparing for the CPA examination, using the YAEGER video course, handouts, textbook, and practice software and our exclusive Instructor Hotline access. Now your exam day is just a few weeks away! How can you be assured that the knowledge you’ve been accumulating will come out when you need it? You have a couple options to help you finalize your studies. You could speed back through ALL of CPA course materials you’ve gone through, skimming and hoping you’re covering the essentials—or you could take advantage of the YAEGER CPA Review CRAM Course.

CRAM courses are offered as “wrap-up” packages for when the exam itself is looming on the horizon and you need that last bit of effort to ensure you’ve covered everything possible in a particular section. 

CPA Course Materials Designed for Your Success

Through the YAEGER CPA Review CRAM course, you aren’t just getting a guide to cramming in as much last-minute information as possible. Rather, what you obtain are tools that highlight the weak or strong points in your current knowledge base and help you address any concepts that you’ve yet to master. CRAM courses provide benefits such as:

  • Section Focus – Each CRAM is dedicated to a particular section of the test, including Business Environment & Concepts, Regulation, Financial Accounting & Reporting, and Auditing & Attestation.
  • Time Management – When you order a specific CRAM, you know upfront the amount of time you’ll need to dedicate to the review.

Find out which CRAM is best for you!

Our CPA Course Materials Help You Finish Strong

By using the CRAM course materials, you not only will feel better prepared when the exam rolls around but also have the potential to add five to fifteen points to your score!

If you want an intellectual edge, then the CRAM courses are essential CPA course materials that will give you ongoing confidence as you work through the examination process. With their comprehensive overview of each section and the examination as a whole, you gain a greater understanding of how everything fits together, the knowledge you can take with you as you pass with high scores and enter a new phase of your career.