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Yaeger CPA Review is proud to announce a partnership with Ultimate CPA Exam Guide mentoring.

Our "My CPA Exam Mentor" Bundle is the complete resource for starting, studying and passing the CPA exam. It includes the full Yaeger CPA Review course + Ultimate CPA Exam Guide mentorship program.


My CPA Exam Mentor
is for accounting professionals who need help with learning the soft skills necessary to pass the CPA exam.

Hi, I'm Bryan.

I am 34 years old, a husband and father, Licenced CPA in North Carolina, PwC Alum, Accounting Junky, and Entrepreneur.

My goal is plain and simple.

Help you pass the CPA exam on your FIRST try.

Personal Note: I did NOT pass the CPA exam on my first try, in fact, I failed SEVEN times before I finally passed! What I still beat myself up about is the fact that I made so many rookie mistakes when I first started out on my journey to passing...

If I had known what I know now, I likely would have passed in 6 months or less and saved myself an extra 18 months of mental breakdowns and time away from the people I care most about.

This is time I will NEVER get back...

What kept me going? Pretty simple, I had a network of mentors who helped support me and teach me HOW to pass the CPA Exam.

That's when I developed Ultimate CPA Exam Guide.

It's the exact method that was taught to me and what finally enabled me to pass. And now I share these methods with thousands of CPA candidates around the world.

Bryan Kesler's Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Method

Why Yaeger + Ultimate CPA Exam Guide?


As a CPA exam mentor, I do a lot of research into varied CPA review courses available so that I can best recommend resources to my mentees.

There are distinct differences between courses, and I use many factors in my evaluation process.

It's very important that you find the one that fits your learning style best.

When I reviewed Yaeger CPA Review, I was totally impressed.

Their teaching style, AICPA Blueprint in-depth coverage, customer service, and content clarification fit perfectly with my Ultimate CPA Exam Guide mentorship program.

When Phil and I realized that we have a great opportunity to help CPA candidates pass the CPA exam, we decided to bundle our two products together and came up with the My CPA Exam Mentor Bundle.

Introducing... My CPA Exam Mentor Bundle

Why Bob C. Went With The "My CPA Exam Mentor Bundle"


"I read a lot of reviews about the Yaeger course and I could not see why anyone would have anything to say negatively about it. I have been out of accounting for over 10 years and the instruction is top notch. I especially like the "bite size lectures" that stay short and on point. The instructors seem truly interested in you being clear and concise. Dr. Yeager is enthusiastic but understandable and seems to enjoy teaching. As compared to price, it was the most affordable and I am really enjoying studying. I am not familiar with the other courses, but for me this one meshes with my study personality...

As far as Ultimate CPA Exam Guide is concerned, I am amazed at your enthusiasm. You obviously enjoy what you have created here and get great satisfaction out of others achieving the same success you have. It had to be a humongous effort to put together this course but it was well worth the price I paid. I am dedicated to following your method. I just finished the first two modules on Yaeger today and am ready to do my first Study Loop. I can see already that the system builds on itself and the constant review is the key to not being overwhelmed at anything you will see on the exam. I have asked a couple of questions so far and the feedback has been a fairly quick turnaround. I am gaining more confidence as I proceed to get accustomed to the system."

Bob C.

5 Stars

My CPA Exam Mentor Bundle Customer

What CPA Candidates Say About Ultimate CPA Exam Guide


"I would recommend Ultimate CPA Exam Guide! It is so helpful to have a group of people who are in the same boat and to have someone guiding you on the process." - Savannah

"With Ultimate CPA Exam Guide you get a community of people who are going through the same stresses and pressures that you are. It's always comforting to know you are not alone." - Marie H.

"Bryan, I took your advice to heart! It works!" - Denise

"Bryan does a great job outlining what it takes to master the CPA. The guy is on top of it and you can learn a few things from him and stay motivated if you are questioning your dedication to the CPA licensing process. It's a journey and Bryan has some really good advice. I would highly recommend listening to the advice dished out!" - Manuel M.

"Ultimate CPA Guide keeps motivating you to pass. Also the lessons are the right amount of time not only to keep your interest, but also short enough that you can listen to them when you have a few minutes free." - Wendy G.

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE BRYAN! For the first time in trying to tackle this CPA exam I don't feel alone! Thank you Bryan for sharing your experience and for being a positive beacon of light, strength, & perseverance!!! I'm ready to try again!!! I really appreciate you!" - C. Alleyne

"Ultimate CPA Exam Guide has been exceptional and a true blessing!  Although I took-- and failed-- the CPA exam a while back, I felt it was necessary to take things slowly, step-by-step this time around.  Ultimate CPA Exam Guide provides a sound, detailed road map to how to conquer this beast of an exam.  The study loop checklists-- and the modules explaining how to utilize them-- have really helped me not feel overwhelmed while studying... I [chose] Yaeger, and the material is exactly what I need as far as my study personality is concerned.  I should've invested in U.C.E.G. eons ago; I most likely would've been a CPA by now." - Karenja C.

What You Get With The Ultimate CPA Exam Guide

  • As soon as you enroll today, you will get immediate access (via user name and password) to Ultimate CPA Exam Guide premium mentorship course.
  • Lifetime access and login 24/7 (it is all digital + downloadable so you can login to access the content & download the course and take it on the go with you as well)
  • Study Tactics & Strategies That Work Perfectly With Yaeger CPA Review
  • 7 Kick Butt Step-By-Step Training Modules (8+ Hours of HD Video + Closed Captions)
  • Bonus #1: Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Course Planner
  • Bonus #2: CPA Exam Digital Assistant Built Into The Course
  • Bonus #3: CPA Review Course Guide of Awesome
  • Bonus #4: Ultimate CPA Exam Guide Study Checklists
  • SPECIAL OFFER #1: Private Facebook Mastermind Study Group
  • SPECIAL OFFER #2: CPA Review Course Study Workflows & Walkthroughs
  • SPECIAL OFFER #3: Email Support For All Of Your CPA Exam Questions
  • BIGGER Than A Bonus Course: Make Time To CPA: Most Kick Butt CPA Exam Productivity Blueprint Training (Normally $197)
  • Content is available in video + slides (.MP4), audio download (.MP3) and slides (.PDF)

What Happens After You Complete The Training?


After you complete this 100% digital and online training course you will have:

  1. A PERFECT STUDY PLAN based on your study personality that you can apply to your CPA review course.
  2. A way to study that ensures a PERFECT GRASP of the AICPA blueprints.
  3. A PERFECT SUPPORT TEAM to keep you going no matter what happens.

And when you have all three of these you will achieve what's called the ATOMIC EFFECT.

Another way of saying you will become an unstoppable force...

...who will stop at nothing until you have passed the CPA exam.

The UCEG Method

Who Is This For?

If you are struggling with:
  • Knowing where to even begin with the CPA exam process,
  • Recovering from failure,
  • Finding motivation to keep going,
  • Making time to study,
  • Spinning your wheels as you study,
  • Knowing how to study in a way that will help you truly understand the AICPA Blueprints,
  • Finding a mentor,
  • Finding an accountability partner,
  • Finding a CPA exam community (that isn't anonymous),


Ultimate CPA Exam Guide is for you.

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My CPA Exam Mentor Bundle

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12 Month Payment Plan

  • The Complete Yaeger CPA Review Course
  • 7 Kick Butt CPA Exam Mentorship Modules
  • 4 Killer Bonuses
  • 3 Limited Time Special Offers
  • "Bigger Than A Bonus" Course: Make Time To CPA ($197 Value)
  • Private Mentorship Community For CPA Candidates
My CPA Exam Mentor Bundle


Single Payment

  • The Complete Yaeger CPA Review Course
  • 7 Kick Butt CPA Exam Mentorship Modules
  • 4 Killer Bonuses
  • 3 Limited Time Special Offers
  • "Bigger Than A Bonus" Course: Make Time To CPA ($197 Value)
  • Private Mentorship Community For CPA Candidates

About Bryan

Bryan Kesler, CPA has been a CPA exam mentor since 2015 and has coached hundreds of CPA candidates around the world on how to pass the CPA exam.

After discovering exactly what it takes to pass the CPA exam after failing the CPA exam multiple times, Bryan decided to share his story with the world.

His website,, podcast and youtube channel have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times by CPA candidates across the world.

He has made it his life mission to work with CPA Candidates who just can't seem to figure out how to pass the CPA exam. To transform their mindset, to give them the focus and motivation they need to pass.

This program helps accounting professionals like yourself save time, money and frustration on your journey to passing the CPA exam.