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Need some extra 1-on-1 help?

If you'd like some extra help while studying, our
instructors are available. We can help you connect
with Phil or Ron to get one-on-one special help.

Contact Daniel at

To Set up Instructor Hotline Access.

Daniel will help process the $100/hr payment necessary to
reserve your one-on-one hour. You may add additional time if
needed. No refunds will be given for unused time.


I was struggling with FAR and using a competitors review course and failed twice with a 69 and 74. I
purchased the Yaeger CPA review course, spoke with Phil in detail about my situation. In summary,
time management was big issue for me. Phil informed me to 1) go through all the lectures 2) do all
the MCQs and SIMS 3) and lastly complete the Yaeger Cram at the end. I did everything what Phil
told me and passed with a 78!!! I am extremely grateful for Phil and his team. I called Phil about 5
times during a 3 month period and every time he answered and spoke with me in detail.