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Yaeger provides a free practice assessment that simulates the real CPA Exam. The platform uses a sophisticated algorithm to accurately measure your strengths and weaknesses across all topics of the test. Use this information to guide your studies leading up to the actual exam.

Our free assessment features AICPA-released questions, which means you will be practicing with questions that closely resemble what you'll see on your official exam. When your CPA Exam day rolls around, you'll know exactly what to expect!

I had some life issues and various constraints due to being a small business owner and they extended my access considerably to enable me to make use of the program in a thorough way. They really show they care, and that matters a lot to me!
-Gerald R.


When you're done with the practice test, the assessment will give you a breakdown of which questions you missed and why your answers were wrong. It will even validate the rationale behind all of your correct answers.

The assessment also measures your score against those of other students and instantly gives you personalized product recommendations based on your performance. Brush up on any section of the test with our wide range of review materials that cater to every learning style.

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