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Order your 2016/2017 course, NOW, and save. If you order all four parts now, you can request to receive ONLY the part you plan to take in the 1Q, 2017. You will receive the current 2016 course, plus any applicable updates for 2017. NOTE: new exam format does not begin until April 1, 2017. 1Q, 2017 content will be the same as for 2016, plus any updates. Format does not change for this first quarter.

After that, you will receive your remaining parts for the exams starting in 2Q 2017. Our brand new 2017 course will include all new textbooks, software and videos, totally redeveloped to incorporate all of the required AICPA Blueprints. And, like before, all Yaeger CPA Review courses are powered by AdaptaPASS.

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Full Online CPA Review Course Now Powered by AdaptaPASS

Creating a Learning Profile Custom-Made for You

Simply choose whether you will be studying for FAR, AUD, REG, or BEC. Next, answer a few more questions about your preferred learning style. AdaptaPASS will start creating your individualized learning platform. AdaptaPASS will design and adjust a program to provide you with the learning style format, or combination of formats, that will provide you with your most effective way to study before you spend 100's of hours doing 1000's of mcq and Sims.

Other courses may have different study formats, but without AdaptaPASS, their programs aren't able to put together which formats are most effective for you. The best they can do is have you use their software, which identifies your weak areas, then gives you more mcq in those areas. That's it!

Video Lectures

Watch video lectures like never before with in depth textbook and content synchronization.

These comprehensive videos will cover every aspect of the exam you will need to know. Our CPA review instructors will give you an in depth look at the knowledge and implementation of materials you will be tested on.

Create Smart Exams and Quizzes

Use the quiz generator to create custom testing which allows you to give some final tweaks to your individualized CPA Review Platform. Make sure you are being challenged in the ways you want, review specific aspects of the exam, and have unlimited access to customized tests!

Guarantees you have access to all the specific testing you want.

Dive into Our Incredibly Interactive Textbook!

Real-Time Synchronization

With this unique textbook tool, as the professor speaks in the CPA course video, you get materials presented to you in real time so you never miss a thing!

Automatic Content Alerts

As you're going through the CPA videos, a helpful icon will notify you if there's additional textbook content or resources available - and one click takes you right there!

Tools At Your Fingertips

Take notes, create bookmarks, and view additional lessons and files at any time. Plus, add an extra level of CPA insight with community notes, questions, and related video links.

Chart Your Study Course with
Our Planner & Calendar

A foundation for Success - Customized for You!

Whether you want to follow a relaxed or aggressive CPA study schedule, you'll find step-by-step guidance through all CPA sections and modules here. Created with maximized flexibility in mind, our CPA planner and calendar offers two main options:

  • Recommended - This option provides full CPA study guidance based on what tests you're planning to take and when. Get estimate completion dates, monitor upcoming milestones, and easy access to homework at all times.
  • Custom - Similar to the Recommended version, this offers more advanced options, including daily, weekly, and even hourly study layouts. It's all determined by the CPA sections you want to study and when you want to sit for the exam.

Throughout it all, we offer constant guidance and suggestions to keep your studies on track, so you can enjoy streamlined progress!

Add 5 to 15 points to your score!

The YAEGER CPA Review CRAM course is designed as a final wrap-up, to assist CPA candidates a few weeks prior to taking the exam. No matter what review course you have taken for your initial study, our CRAM program will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses before you go in to take the exam so that you are fully prepared when you take your exam.

Let our CRAM course help you pick up those extra points that will make the difference!

Understand Key Concepts!

Listen-n-Learn as our instructors methodically go over all of the key concepts you need to understand for the exams. Great for exam preperation on the go! Download any section of the lecture individually or review them all at once! Once downloaded you can burn the MP3 to a CD, put it on an MP3 Player, and more!

  • Unlimited playback of key exam concepts!
  • Download individual sections or the entire series at once!
  • Burn audio to a CD or MP3 Player and listen on the go!

Yaeger In a Flash!

Yaeger CPA Review flashcards are the best way to study for your exam on the go. Easily study all of our courses (FAR, AUD, REG, & BEC) right from your phone! Whether you're waiting in line at the grocery store, taking a ride in a cab, or enjoying the comfort of your own sofa - Yaeger CPA flashcards are now just a touch away. Our state of the art flashcard application will allow you to easily flip through cards and flag cards for later view. We offer our flashcards in 3 unique ways, learn what's best for you below!

  • Study all 4 courses! (FAR, AUD, REG, & BEC)
  • Flag cards for later review
  • Over 2000 cards to study!!