Auditing Content Section 4

Forming Conclusions and Reporting - Part 2

Recorded for POST - July 1, 2021 exams

The contents of the AUD exam have changed significantly as of July 1, 2021. We recommend that you only study from updated material.

Listen to Ron Premuroso’s Previously Recorded Live Zoom session on the following topics.

  • Forming Conclusions and Audit Reports: How Well do You Know the Audit Reports and Auditor Issues?
  • Reports on Auditing Engagements
  • Reports on Attestation Engagements
  • Accounting and Review Service Engagements
  • Reporting on Compliance
  • Other Reporting Considerations

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Featured Review

R. E.

"I'm 36 now and started this journey with little to no confidence simply from the time gap between school and taking this test on. I hope this review answers your questions about Yaeger and about your ability to be successful. I trusted that the blueprints mantra would be my best bet to ensure I was given the tools needed to pass. You should too and here's why: I work full time at a large O&G corp. I have seven (7!) kids at home including a 2 year old. I committed in October '17 to study on average 14 hours a week, one test at a time. For me that was a 2 hour 7 days a week plan (lunch hour and extra hour after work), and when that's wasn't possible, fill in extra on the weekends. Just stick to your plan. I tried to schedule tests about 2 weeks after completing the main material, giving me time to also run through Yaeger's CRAM course. I did this for each test. Took FAR in January, AUD in March, REG in May, and BEC in July, passing each one first try 85, 84, 83, 88! YOU CAN DO THIS and Yaeger CPA will make it happen! They will answer your questions online timely and watch the Webcasts they provide to also help. Great people and great material."

AUD Live Class Collection: The AUD exam has changed so make sure you're studying the most updated materials!


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