Final Review of AICPA BEC Practice Exam and MCQs (Part 1)

Recorded for POST - July 1, 2021 exams

The contents of the BEC exam have changed significantly as of July 1, 2021. We recommend that you only study from updated material.

Listen to Ron Premuroso’s Previously Recorded Live Zoom session on the following topics.

  • In this class Ron will do an extensive Final Review of AICPA BEC Practice Exams and MCQs

Registration closed at 12pm EST on Friday 4/30 . You can now purchase this as a previously recorded class.

 We strongly suggest participants have a copy of the Yaeger July 2021 BEC book to follow along during the class. It can be purchased for only $99 by clicking here.

Featured Review

Zach Roth

"Passed FAR in 5 weeks using the Gold Subscription plan. Loved the option to video call actual professors to work through the topics I was struggling with. About to begin AUD study and feel good about using the program to pass on the first try."

BEC Live Class Collection: The BEC exam has changed so make sure you're studying the most updated materials!


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