Order 2021 Books

The Yaeger CPA Review Books were written solely to incorporate all of the AICPA blueprints. These study materials are tailored to walk you through each representative blueprint task tested on the exams. They are reviewed and updated annually, with free access to text errata throughout the year.

  • 2021 - Auditing & Attestation ISBN 978-0-9987002-8-1
  • 2021 - Business Environment and Concepts  ISBN 978-0-9987002-9-8
  • 2021 - Regulation ISBN 978-1-7329383-4-2
  • 2021 - Financial Accounting and Reporting ISBN 978-1-7329383-5-9

Order 2021 Books

  • Small and easily digestible chunks to help with comprehension and retention.
  • Directly ties to the online lectures and other Yaeger CPA Review course materials.
  • Over 1,400 multiple-choice questions included in the 4-part set.
  • Additional charge for Shipping & Handling

2021 Book(s)

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