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Yaeger's Live Interactive Virtual CPA Review

Posted by Dr. Phil Yaeger on Sep 05, 2020 12:00 PM

Yaeger's Live Interactive Virtual CPA Review

The Deets:

So what exactly is Yaeger offering? Yaeger is the only CPA review course currently offering live interactive virtual classes!

These classes:

  • Are two hours long (from noon to 2:00 P.M. EST each Sunday)
  • Cover a variety of CPA Exam subjects
  • Are taught by two CPA review experts: Phil and Ron
  • Incorporate multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations
  • Include study materials, provided to you ahead of time, as well as a recording of the lecture delivered afterward
  • Are limited in class size to optimize the instructor’s ability to interact with candidates
  • Require registration beforehand
  • Cost only $50

The Benefits

There are many differences between self-study and instructor-led learning. At Yaeger, we understand the importance and prominence of self-study, which is why we offer many self-study resources. But we are also offering a live virtual class each week because it can be easier to learn with a live instructor. In particular, live instruction:

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  • Provides the ability to ask questions. 
  • Allows for back and forth dialogue. You can get immediate answers to your questions as you interact with experts in the CPA Exam subject matter.
  • Is more adaptable. The instructors tailor to your needs and inquiries, allowing for flexibility not feasible in pre-recorded lectures or from a textbook.
  • Is more fun! Phil and Ron love to have a good time themselves, and they want you to enjoy mastering this material. They aim to hold your attention while maximizing your learning.

Studying for the CPA course no longer requires you to sit home alone with your laptop and textbook.

The Conclusion of the Matter:

Take the next step towards success and try Yaeger’s interactive virtual classes. You can stay safe, yet maximize your understanding of many tricky accounting concepts.

Ready to jump onboard? For more information on these live classes, click here. Also, check out Yaeger’s comprehensive top-rated and competitively-priced CPA review course here.

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