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Stress Less Part II

Posted by Dr. Phil Yaeger on Oct 23, 2020 11:45 AM

Stress Less Part II

Stress Less Part II

We covered some big ideas to reduce stress in Stress Less Part I, but we thought some quick tips might be in order. Everyone studying for the CPA Exam could use some strategies that are quick and efficient to improve mood and focus – and ultimately get you a higher score!

  • Take walks! Even a 2-5 minute walk-break may help. You could try to get outside or have human interaction, but even if you stay inside and keep to yourself, walks provide some much-needed benefits, such as: getting you away from a computer screen, off your chair, and your blood and endorphins flowing.  
  • Meditate. It’s not a fad, and there are several resources and variations out there. Taking mini spaces of time to allow your mind to settle might be just the tool you need for some real peace. Meditate when it works best for you: it could be before your day gets hectic, afterward, or in the midst of it.
      Woman meditating on dock overlooking sunset
  • Smile or laugh! Hopefully, you know what sparks this kind of joy in your own life, but in case you need some ideas: look at pictures of people you love, watch a funny video, start following a comedian, or close your eyes and picture a favorite memory.

  • Listen to a song that speaks to your soul. Really listen to it, don’t have it on as background noise while you are multi-tasking. Music moves us in ways simple words cannot!

  • Count your blessings. Did you know it’s impossible to be stressed and grateful at the same time? Can you think of a single drawback that would come from a daily practice of gratitude?

  • Just breathe. Pay attention to your natural pace of breathing for as many breathes as it takes for you to be fully focused on your breathing. Then concentrate on taking 10 deep breaths.

Breathe neon sign on faliage background

Small changes consistently implemented are the formula for life change.

The key with all of these ideas is remembering to implement them and knowing when you need a short break. One technique is to set an alarm on the hour every hour during your workday, pause, and then try one of our strategies. Experiment with different ideas on different days and hone in on what works for you. Eventually, you’ll have an arsenal of ideas to put to use and you will know when you need a stress reliever without needing to set a timer.

Need some additional resources to get your stress level down. If you missed Part I to Stress Less, you can review it here.  

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