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Becoming Irreplaceable

By June 2, 2020March 13th, 2022CPA Exam News


Unique. Unparalleled. Priceless. Incomparable. Impossible to substitute. Do those sound like adjectives you want your company to use when talking about you? Let’s discuss some ways to become that employee…


First of all, an ideal way to make a name for yourself is to be the first person to volunteer for tasks and projects. No company wants to lose the person who will take on new things and is unafraid of challenges. You become known and admired for that tendency, not to mention that it exposes you to further knowledge, skills, and experiences your co-workers are missing.

Maybe no one else is stepping up to learn new software, study an upcoming contract, or master the tax law changes. So be the hard worker who does, and you will make a name for yourself and open doors you never knew existed.


Be careful not to take on more than you can handle. Taking on extra tasks will backfire if you aren’t getting your work done because you are volunteering for too much! Also, you might grow to hate your job!


Be exceptional in your communication; secure communication skills will make you stand out. Whether it is how you interact with clients, subordinates, or superiors, communicate regarding:

  • Expectations
  • Goals
  • Concerns
  • Positive Results
  • Schedules
  • Ideas

The best kind of communication is not just about getting facts across but genuinely connecting people and ideas. Therefore, great communication results from listening well, understanding others’ points of view, being open to feedback, and sharing clearly and intentionally.

As a bonus, excellent communication breeds trust, both up and down the work hierarchy!

Becoming irreplaceable does not mean hoarding your knowledge! Cross-training and teaching others will increase your value.


Show your loyalty to the company, not only to your career success. Do you genuinely care that the business succeeds? If so, it will show in:

  • The ways you try to make the business more profitable
  • How you represent the company both inside and outside of work hours
  • The hours you work
  • How you take initiative
  • Your attitude

Being loyal doesn’t mean you never change jobs, but it does entail looking out for the best interest of other people and the best interests of the company you are currently a part of, not just looking out for your interest.


Be the individual who doesn’t just bring a problem to be solved, but brings ideas for the solution to that problem. Every person has difficulties. Every business has issues, and most companies have victims and complainers. However, be the one who doesn’t complain, but instead focuses on generating ideas and solutions. Keep trying even when some of your ideas fall on deaf ears. You will become known as the one who is continually striving to make the system better. And you’ll be surprised at the creative ideas you generate.


To the best of your ability, display passion for your job. Show enthusiasm. Be a pleasure to work with and for. People are often lonely and bored and dissatisfied with their jobs, but having someone who is a joy to be around can transform the morale.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou


There are so many nuances to being irreplaceable that we did not get to cover, but to sum it all up: Be a trailblazer. Be a continuous learner. Be a communicator. Be trustworthy. Create a niche for yourself. Create a place people want to work – and you will create your own irreplaceable identity.

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