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Alaska CPA Requirements

Alaska requirements for CPA exam students have been set in place to ensure a minimum level of quality in future licensed CPA’s. As such, when preparing for your Alaska CPA exam, it’s vital to make sure that you fulfill all Alaska CPA requirements. Otherwise, you may be denied the opportunity to even sit for the exam, and all your Alaska CPA review efforts might be for naught. Review the requirements below and visit the resource links for further information.

Education Requirements
Minimum Degree: Baccalaureate degree 
Unit Requirements: Completion of 15 semester hours in accounting.
Additional Requirements: 24 semester hours or equivalent quarter hours in accounting (intermediate accounting can be included) and 3 hours each of business law, economics, and college math/computer science

License Requirements
Social Security Requirement: Yes
Education Requirement: 150 Hours in addition to Bachelor's Degree
Participates in International Exam Program: Yes
Experience Requirements: 2 years in public accounting or 3 years in private or government accounting. All experience must include 500 hours of attest
Ethics Exam: Must pass AICPA Professional Ethics Exam for initial licensure 

Residency Requirements Citizenship: 
No US citizenship is required.
Minimum Age: 19
Additional Requirements: It is not necessary to be a resident, employee, or keep office(s) in the state

Alaska State Board Contacts:
Alaska State Board of Public Accountancy
P.O. Box 1108006
Juneau, AK 99811-0806
Phone: (907) 465-3811
Fax: (907) 456-2974

Initial Application Fee: $175 

Examination Fees

  • AUD - $208.40
  • BEC - $208.40
  • FAR - $208.40
  • REG - $208.40
  • Registration Fees

    • 4 examination sections $85.00
    • 3 examination sections $85.00
    • 2 examination sections $85.00
    • 1 examination section $85.00