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Roger CPA Review - Roger CPA Exam Review

The Answer is Simple!

It's the course that goes beyond note memorization learning and truly imbues you with the knowledge and skills you'll need once you pass the CPA exam and begin your new career!

At Yaeger, we understand how stressful the CPA exam can be, and that students don't have the luxury of pinning all their hopes on remembering every last little detail. That's why, alongside the best textbooks and an innovative online platform, our expert instructors take the time to help you fully understand what you're learning and why. This concept-based approach is inspired by our commitment to see you pass the CPA exam the first time, and we continue to help CPA students accomplish this through our top-quality selection of CPA study services, materials, and support.

Roger CPA Review

Instruction Style

A variety of top-quality content experts with a combined 85+ years of CPA exam preparation experience. We share all of the essential info, tips, and tricks a CPA candidate could ever need to know.

A single instructor (one that former students complain about, saying the lectures are given too fast and hard to follow).

Course Materials

Provides Wiley Textbooks and instructor-developed handouts that "cut the fat" for exam prep. Plus, students can enjoy Wiley practice software, internal message boards, and direct instructor access through our industry-leading Instructor Hotline.

Textbooks and similar to Yaeger CPA review Wiley software.

Student Support

Help is always just moments away! Yaeger's knowledgeable team provides CPA candidates with prompt, personal support every day (and night) of the week. Internal message boards are monitored 24/7, and each candidate gets direct access to content experts through our incredible Instructor Hotline platform.

Phone/message board support (with former students complaining about the length of time it takes to get questions answered). Evening/weekend response? Sadly, not happening. We're not even sure the Live Support button is ever active.


Best value in the industry! In over 132 hours of lectures, CPA candidates learn all essential exam concepts, gaining an in-depth understanding of what they are doing and why. Textbooks, software, unparalleled support, and 85+ years combined experience all help successfully prepare CPA candidates to PASS the CPA exam.

Comparable price, but lower quality instruction and memorization-based learning, instead of conceptual-based.

*information obtained from, message board postings and Yaeger CPA converts