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  Danielle Supkis Cheek Part 2: The Need to Innovate the CPA Model for The Better

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In this episode of the Yaeger CPA Review and More Podcast, we continue our conversation with Danielle Supkis Cheek, the VP of Strategy and Industry Relations at MindBridge. MindBridge is a risk discovery platform that external and internal auditors or the finance teams can use to help augment their staff and make them spend time on what matters more.
Listen in to learn the different ways the CPA model can be innovated to make it an attractive career to many people.
In this Episode You’ll Learn:
[1:35] Why she found the forensic accounting exam way easier than the CPA exam.
[3:02] How to change the CPA model and the starting salaries to make CPA an attractive career to many people.
[11:11] Can universities be influenced to add skills to CPA students to make them market-ready right out of school?
[13:39] The importance of advocating for change in the CPA model to teach students what they need to know about CPA.
[19:37] The value of having tough conversations without involving emotions as an expert witness.

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