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  Danielle Supkis Cheek Part 1: Discovering Financial Risks Through Forensic Accounting

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In this episode of the Yaeger CPA Review and More Podcast, we have Danielle Supkis Cheek, the VP of Strategy and Industry Relations at MindBridge. MindBridge is a risk discovery platform that external and internal auditors or the finance teams can use to help augment their staff and make them spend time on what matters more.

Listen in to learn more about Danielle’s journey as a CPA and how she transitioned from policy influencing to forensic accounting. You will also learn how she works to discover fraud in financial data and the risky side of her job.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:
[4:19] How MindBridge discovers risk across companies’ financial data, plus Danielle’s role as VP of Strategy and Industry Relations.
[9:00] Danielle’s former career as a policy influencer before transitioning into accounting.
[17:53] She explains how she got into forensic accounting and some of the projects she’s been involved in.
[20:52] The risky side of Danielle’s job plus her missed opportunity with the FBI.
[26:54] How the FBI works on complicated fraud tasks plus how technology is changing that.

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