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CPA Testimonials - CPA Review Testimonials

Testimonials, Our students are our biggest fans! 

Hey Phil,

I passed BEC, my last exam! It's a huge relief.

I was able to pass all 4 sections within one year on the first attempt while working a full time job and going through two tax seasons! AUD-90, FAR-81, REG-81, and BEC 83. 

I wanted to thank you and your great team for all the help. The program was amazing. The professors did a wonderful job teaching the concepts. That's what made a huge difference for me. I was prepared for most of the curveballs the exam threw at me. I also appreciate you letting me call you on multiple occasions last November to study a couple Reg topics.

I will highly recommend Yaeger to others.

Thanks again!

--Joe Janning  


Finally after a successful sailing, I've reached the shore of CPAs! It
was not a smooth bon voyage, in fact a tough one with the 4 big storms
(FAR,AUD,BEC & REG) ready to drown me but with Yaeger as my Captain
and Phil,Cindy, Gary & all the office team as my crew, I had strong
anchoring & support to withstand the storms and reach my destination,
not even sinking once! So here I am, waiving my final adieu after a
year of sailing :)
ok apart from the drama above, Just want to thanks all the instructors
and all the office staff Sonny, John, Lisa, everyone who works behind
the scene to make Yaeger what it is and deliver quality teaching and
customer service.
I am a foreign student who passed all the 4 papers on the first try
using Just the Yaeger home study kit. It was worth every penny & my
dream wouldn't have become a reality without Yaeger. THANK YOU!

Miliya Joseph




Dear Sonny,

   Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given me during my CPA journey. Its been a long and tough one, but the entire Yaeger team has made it a pleasant and smooth sailing experience. 2 years ago when I decided I wanted to achieve my long standing dream of becoming a CPA, I had no clue which review course I wanted to take. I google'd CPA review courses and right away there was a youtube video of Phil showing a sample ofthe REG video and instantly I knew that Yaeger was the course for me. A lot of my friends said- "Why don't you try Becker or other review courses?", but I told them I knew I was going to be a Yaeger student and nothing was going to change that decision. The style of teaching at Yaeger is what I have always been comfortable with. It isn't like other courses with a Power Point presentation and no face to the voice. I loved the fact that I could see the professors and their expression while stressing on important topics. I did have quite a few good laughs during Phil's lectures and that lightened up the mood of studying for such a stressful exam.

Apart from the professors who are hero's, I believe that the success of a course lies in the support you receive. You and the rest of the support staff have been nothing but awesome. You all are in my words "SUPER HEROES". Though I am almost done with my CPA exams(pending my ethics exam), I will carry this experience with me forever and rest assured a lot more people who ask me about Yaeger will get the best of reviews about you all.

Thank You once again and Thank You to Phil, Cindy, Gary and the entire Team at Yaeger. You have no idea how long I waited to send this letter. 13 months to be precise ;) haha

Please pass on a special thank you to Phil

Thank You,

Natasha Moras



Hi Yaeger CPA Staff,

My name is Ryan Schrank. I purchased the Yaeger FAR and REG Homestudy programs from you last year as I prepared for the final two parts of the CPA exam. I wanted to give all of you a big "Thank You" for all of your help. I passed FAR in November 2012 after using the Homestudy program and just found out two weeks ago that I passed REG with a 92 after using the REG homestudy. What a huge blessing Yaeger CPA has been to me. I received professional service right from the start. The materials came as advertised and were exactly what I needed. Both Phil's and Cindy's teaching styles really spoke to me. Whenever I had a question, within just an hour or less Phil would be calling me to help me out. He even called me back when he was on vacation this spring! Cindy was also very quick to get back to me when I studied for FAR. I can't tell you how much I appreciated that.

In addition, this past spring as I was getting ready to take REG, I spoke with Phil and he gifted me with a free copy of his REG Cram, which I used in the weeks leading up to the test. What a thoughful and appreciated gift. I can't thank you all enough. Sonny was great as well...always very professional and helpful on the phone if I had a question. Very accomidating.

I have nothing but great things to say about Phil and Team Yaeger. You all were instrumental in helping me pass the final two parts of the exam. Every opportunity that I get to share the great things that Yaeger is doing, I will do so. Thank you to you all for your professionalism. Keep up the great work!

Ryan Schrank


Hi Bonni,
Thank you Yaeger team! I passed FAR with a 84 by using your cram course. That is a 15-points increase from 69, my first attempt! Please let Phil know my appreciation for his help! Your teaching methodology and your student support system are crucial factors of my success. I cannot do this without Yaeger!
Best regards, Jana _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

               Dear Dr Yaeger,
Thank you to you, Cindy and Prof. Bulmash for helping me through all four parts of the CPA exam.
I would like to thank your support team - Bonni, Sonny, Lisa and John for delivering the service so smoothly.

Today, I just received notification that my CPA certificate number has been issued.
It was a journey that was sometimes rough and always tedious. But you and your team helped me through it, especially with the test strategies and one-to-one coaching via the hotline. Honestly there wasn't a single resource that you have made avaliable online that I did not use - the talk shows and webcasts were extremely useful for me as well.

Thank you once again and all the best,

Yours Sincerely,

Joyce Liow


I just wanted to thank you for being an awesome instructor. I have had a tough go at the exams 74 BEC and 73 AUD.
But... I finally GET it now. As I work through the MCQs for FARE I can hear your voice...
Sure the question states before taxes but what if they asked for AFTER tax effect? What would the journal entries be?
How does it show on the balance sheet? What are the disclosures if any?
Now I know I will pass :)
I'm learning this stuff through and through. I wish I had actually worked BEC and AUD questions with this mindset.
Katie Burke

I wanted to say thank you to Team Yaeger! In September I passed Audit. Originally, I had only used the REG cram, but I decided to purchase the AUD cram. What a great decision! Dr. Bulmash is an amazing instructor and his exam techniques were so much more effective than the ones I used with Roger CPA. I passed with an 81!

I took Roger CPA for REG, and failed. I'm studying for the topics right now, and I can say the instruction quality is night and day between Roger and Yaeger - Roger cuts way too much material out, flies through the rest of the material, and doesn't go into nearly the depth of information that Yaeger does. Already two classes in, I've learned more about tax law than I did seated with Roger's course multiple times. I foolishly even bought extra questions to supplement - not realizing that Yaeger CPA is such a great teaching course the extra questions were not even necessary. Now, what a concept that is!

When I defeat REG and pass this exam I will be sure to give thanks again to Team Yaeger. This CPA review course is outstanding.

- Kevin G Sprissle


Hi Cindy.
I just wanted to thank you for your help with REG...yes REG!! If you recall Phil asked you to talk to me to help me come up with a way to study for REG in a manner more like the way you would study for it and I'm happy to say I went from a 57 to an 80 as a result of using this approach. I'm all done now so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU....SOOOO MUCH!!!! 



Hi Phil,

You made me realize how a good teacher can shape a student's life and I owe you a lot for that. Today as we celebrate Teacher's Day in India, I wanted to take this time to thank you for guiding and motivating me throughout my exams. Thank you so much for everything.

Thanks and regards,



Just took the AUDIT exam today.


 I can say that Gary's advise was worth tremendous: he showed exactly what was necessary to get through the exam.  I really liked his detailed approach to answering questions, there were more than a few that I was able to answer utilizing his strategies.

 Simulations were tough (no surprises there) but I think I got by.

Thanks again for the CRAM course - I found it highly useful.  Now to wait for score release!



I just wanted to send an email out to say thank you for such a wonderful product!  I had been using CPAexcel and was able to pass my first 3 parts.  When I got to the last part (REG) I failed twice, 1st a 68, 2nd a 69.  I could not figure out what to do.  With your product (and a much welcomed discount J) I was able to pass with a 92!  I only had a week left before AUD expired and needed this to be a pass and your group helped me demolish it!  Phil was extremely thorough on the material that was important to pass the test and taught in a way that I actually remembered the material instead of memorizing past exam questions.  Thank you very much and I will definitely pass the word on that your course is the one that I recommend!




Just wanted to say Thanks so much to you and your crew for getting me through the CPA exam on the first try.  I just received my last passing score for the exam.  I started working with you back in February of last year after being out of the accounting field for 10 years.  And today I am working for a reputable CPA firm and now I can say I have passed the exam.  Please pass on these comment to Cindy, whom I have spent much time with over these last few months, oh and Gary did awesome with AUD my highest score.  REG 85, AUD 88, FAR 82, BEC 77

Thanks again!!



Hi Phil,

I got my last result on Feb. 22 :)
After two attempts at REG with a 71 and 74 I was finally third-time
lucky and passed with a 86.
Thank you so much for all your support and I definitely second that
your videos discuss the concept in detail.

I am finally close to getting the CPA.
All exams passed :)



Hi Bonnie, 

I got 75 on FAR. This is my first test. I am so thankful to your team for helping me pass and for your excellent customer service. I will definitely use Yaeger for the rest of me exams. I am currently using your BEC homestudy and I am waiting for the CRAM DVD to be shipped. Thank you again and have a nice day!

 --Jasmine Herber



I have to give my appreciation to Dr Yaeger.  I wrote you earlier about the extreme difficulty of the simulations on the REG exam.  I just received my score for REG a few minutes ago and scored an 86!!!  So far, I am three for three with Yaeger (FAR 77 & AUD 82)!!!!

 Thank you so much!!!

 --Craig Taylor




Hello Phil, Cindy, and Gary,

This morning, I found out I passed my last section, BEC, with an 83!

I cannot thank you enough for providing such great instruction and support.   Using the Yaeger HomeStudy course, in combination with my hard work, I passed all four parts of the CPA Exam on my first try.

Thank you for making such an effective course.


--Ben Robinson




Hi Cindy,
Would like to give you a BIG THANK YOU and your team for the fabulous work that you do. I live in CA and I found out that I finally passed BEC today after trying 3x. Ha, ha. I know, how sad but at least I passed. I've always scored weaker on strategic planning!!!
Although FAR and REG had more materials to study, BEC was for sure my nemesis. This test was not as straight forward as the other sections. I don't think I would have passed BEC if not for your help. Again, thank you and keep doing what you do!
We need more teachers like you in college. I would've liked cost accounting and economics more if they were more fun like you.
Best Regards,
--Dianne Eugenio


Hi Cindy/Phil/Bonnie,

I just wanted to let you know I PASSED all the CPA sections required for licensure.  Thank you all so much for all your support in answering my questions and offering your support.   I can not compare you to other cpa review programs since I believed in you guys and chose to stick with you.   The sign of a good instructor which you are is taking complicated material and simplifying into understandable terms.  You both have a wacky sense of humor which I have also so enjoyed the lectures.  

(Hopefully,  Bonnie doesn’t yell at me for sending to Phil’s wrong email address J.)

FYI ... I went to a smaller university in Chicago and no one ever heard/talked about Yeager.   My buddy and I felt Becker was arrogant when they came out to our school and wanted to choose someone else.

Have a great day!

--John Olsen, CPA ***

**disclaimer:  I am still waiting for my licensing board to bless my apt.




Dear Cindy,
I just want to drop a note to say thank you so much for your call and tips.  It worked and I passed with an 83 in BEC and I am done w/ the exam!  I also passed REG w/ a 75 and I will gladly take this w/me. 
It has been quite a challenging journey but I am very happy that I endured and crossed the finished line.  The Yaeger materials were very helpful and it turned me into a CPA  (graduated in 1994), truly amazing. 

Have a happy holiday!

--Cindy Ng



Hey. I've been meaning to send you an e-mail the past month or two and just haven't had a chance to get around to it. I wanted to thank you for all of your help and for a great program that you all put out in 2011 for FAR. This was my third time taking the test and was the only one keeping me from getting my CPA. I used Becker (as it was provided by our firm) for all of the sections including FAR and for some reason it just didn't click with me as well as your all's program did. I used your's one time and passed with an 81. I am finally finished and couldn't be happier! I just wanted to send you an e-mail to say thank you and let you know that I'm proof that your program is great!

Thanks again and have a great Holidays!

Hello Phil,
Just got my scores for FAR and I passed with an 82. I am very pleased with your review. This year I am 3 for 3. 


--David Menard

Staff Accountant


I got a 92. Thanks to Yaeger Review, I have three down. Just REG to go.

Unfortunately, I focused too much on studying (and work and family) and neglected the practical matters of renewing my drivers license and passport. I could not take the test at the scheduled time, and I had to rush to the Registry for a new license, and throw myself on the mercy of the test center manager for a new time slot. (She was very nice about it.) And I still passed!



I received my score for AUD last night and it was an 82!!! So far, I am two-for-two with the help of Yaeger CPA!!!

-- Craig Taylor


I checked the NASBA website today.  I scored an 82 on the FAR exam – the first time I took the exam using your course!!!  Very happy DAY!!!!


-- Michele Brandt, CMA, CTP



 Please let Phil know that I've cleared Regulation with a score of 83. Thanks to his excellent teaching & timely updates for the success. With this, I've cleared BEC, Audit & Regulation in the first attempt itself. Grateful to Phil & the rest of the team for their efforts in making this happen.

--Bhaswati Biswas



Yaeger CPA Review,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to the everyone involved in the production of the Yaeger CPA review course.  I took my first exam February 2011 and passed that section and the other three sections all on the first time!  I finished the exam October 2011, the entire process took less than a year!  I am so happy to have the exam out of the way and to have had such great success.  I studied hard and did everything that I was instructed to do throughout the course and had the results I was hoping for.

In planning to take the exam, I did a lot of research on different review courses.  The up-to-date material, the personal service, and the price were all factors which aided me in making my decision.  I'm very happy with what I got out of the course and would recommend Yaeger CPA review to anyone.  Anyone hoping to become a CPA should not waste their time with other review courses, Yaeger CPA is the best!

Again, thank you for everything, I really appreciate it!

Best Regards,

--John Kane



Bonni, Phil, and Cindy,

Jason Lipschultz here from'll remember me with the emails and calls we exchanged the week before my FAR exam I took at 10/22. The great news is that I PASSED with a 78! That's an 11 point swing from the 67 I got with Becker from when I last took the exam in May 2011. I am now officially done with all four sections and am shortly on my way to officially becoming a CPA!

Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for the high quality nature and content of your course and your time and personal dedication. I am not an accountant by background and do not have an accounting degree, however, with your excellent course and my dedication I was able to achieve something that I was honestly not sure I could achieve. Me (and my wife!) are extremely appreciative and thankful.

You can now officially count me in as a 'Yaeger Convert'!!!

All the best to you and your families this holiday season,
--Jason Lipschultz



I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything! I just got my final passing score today. I was in danger of losing Audit credit if I failed. I'm finally done and it is such a relief. I owe it to all of you at Yaeger CPA Review.
--Scott Brevet



I took FAR on 10/24/2011 and passed with a 77!  This was my first attempt at any of the tests, and I prepared over the course of two months.  I allotted myself an hour for each testlet (mistake on my part… should have given myself more time on the task-based simulations).  Even though I passed, I feel that I should I done better because Yaeger CPA covered the material so thoroughly.  I knew I did well on the MCQ, but had to rush through the TBS and would have probably done better if I had allwed myself more time better.  I was confident I would pass.  Unfortunately, I believe that one of TBS that I performed well on was a pre-test question, but that should speak volumes to the quality of the Yaeger program to still be able to pass.  I will be sitting for AUD next Monday 11/28/2011.

--Craig Taylor



Hello - My name is Susana Berrios. I bought your review course for all parts of the CPA Exam after not being able to pass the exam with Becker Review course last year. Since the very moment i turned the lessons on i knew this was the right course for me. Today i received the results for my last exam with a passing score of 81 (REG). I cant be happier, and i want to let you know i couldnt have done it with your staff of great professors. Mrs. Cindy Simpson, Mr. Phil Yaeger, and Mr. Gary Bulmash. I will always be greatful for your support, experience and knowledge. Thank you!

 --Susana Berrios


Bonni and Cindy,

I just got my BEC score and passed with an 81!  I am now 3 for 3 using the Yaeger review course.  I have REG scheduled for Jan 23rd and hopefully that will complete this journey.  Thank you for an excellent review course.

Thank you Cindy for helping me thru BEC.  It was quite challenging at times, but you explained the material very well.

--Kris Emery
Knoxville, TN


I would like to thank all of you at Yaeger for helping me pass all parts of the CPA exam.  The last part was BEC and asked you about a month ago for some tips for passing.  I hear the blog radio and followed the tips.  I would like to specially thank Cindy for taking her time in explaining concepts that for some of us out of school were so foreign.
Thanks again.
--Vilma Salazar


My name is Eun Lee. In January of this year, I bought Homestudy (entire sections), but I did not start to study until March.
For two months, I just looked at the pile of 4 books and was too intimidated to start studying.  I just didn't know where to start. 

I finally began my study in March.  I passed BEC in May with the magic number, 75.  Then I enjoyed the Summer. I started to study again in August and took my REG in October 2, 2011.
I thought I messed up the test and worried about the score for the whole month. I was so sure that there was no way that I could get 75.
So, when I got the score today, I was so surprised that I got 83, even better than BEC!!
Please give my thanks to Mr.Phil Yaeger and Mrs. Cindy. I always enjoyed listening to Mr.Phil's lectures. I am going to take FAR on November 26, 2011. Wish me luck! Thank you.




Dear Cindy and Phil

Just to let you know that the score of Middle East Candidates released tonight. The window in Middle East started from 1st August 2011. I opted to appear for both beasts, FAR and REG, in August and cleared both exams with 83 in FAR and 84 in Reg with the help of both (Cindy and Phil). I was 50% confident after appearing in exam. But, your help made it 100% possible. I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart and God bless both of you long life and prosperity. I am working in Middle East and had no exprience of American laws and taxes, and still I was able to clear these exams in my first attempt. I acknowledge that I put a lot of efforts but your guidance helped a lot as I was alone while preparing these exams and you helped me step by step to clear these most tough exams of CPA.

Now, I am planning to appear in BEC and would like to have your support in this exam as well. Once again, I would like to thank you both.

–Sanjay Gaur


Subject: I Passed, I Passed

Dear Yaeger Team;

I passed, I passed!!! My story – I'm 55 years old and on December 24th 2009, the company I was working for officially folded, (Ho – Ho – Ho!). Since I was unemployed for the first time in 30 years, I figured it would be a good time to take the CPA exam. After doing the research, I figured that the Yaeger CPA Review gave you the "best bang for the buck".

In May 2010, I found a new job and completed the FAR part of the exam. I got an 86 first time. So now, I had a new job and all its responsibilities plus taking the balance of the CPA exam. Mind you, there are several areas of the exam that I have not been exposed to since my college days. I stuck with the program, listening to Phil, Cindy and Gary on my way to and from work and studying weekends. It paid off. I passed all four parts and got my last official score in September 2011. (Scores were FAR 86, AUD 74, then on the retake, 83; BEC 75; REG 71; then 79 on the Retake).

To all the potential candidates on the planet; If you want to make Accounting your vocation, you must get your CPA; If you want to pass the CPA in the quickest most efficient manner possible; take the Yaeger Review.

My utmost compliments to the Yaeger team…

–Chris Riehl. soon to be official CPA
Nashville, IN



I passed REG – got my score today (as I live in the snail mail state of NC).

I was able to pass REG the 1st go round thanks to your great explanation of property exchanges. I had a horribly difficult simulation. I was able to apply your methods – and did FANTASTIC. I never felt better after leaving the exam.

When I say I passed REG the 1st time – I mean – this is the 1st time I've studied. I'm 34 – and finished my accounting classes when I was 24.

I didn't know any review courses existed outside of Becker. I took the paper twice and just gave up – I just thought it to be impossible. After 8 years of messing around, I decided – the CPA is a must since I'm staying in public accounting. I ordered BECKER and started going to the classes – I cried after the 1st class and told my Mom – "they teach you nothing, they just review as if you've just finished a MAC program."

I began researching the internet and found your course. You and Cindy are great. If it were not for the both of you – I would not have passing grades on BEC or REG. I have 2 more to go – but now have the confidence and assurance that the CPA is not impossible. You have to commit to the hours of studying and have the right materials – and you are set for success.

Thanks again for dedicating your career to helping us (the candidates) – I'd still be highlighting if you were not around!





THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me pass Regulations.
Your patience and great approach to teaching this material made a world of difference to me.
You being available by phone is truly PRICELESS!!!!

Yaeger CPA Review course…………………….$ 1787.00
Phil answering questions by phone…………..PRICELESS

– F. Jamasbi


Subject: I passed!

Hi Bonni!

I passed my final two sections, BEC (91) and REG (86) this last testing window, on my first try!

I have to tell you, I did not listen to Phil at first about REG and got really overwhelmed. I tried to do too many extra problems and was doing terribly on practice tests, and getting overwhelmed. When I had one week left to study, and was still not doing well, I realized that I wasn't doing well because I was still trying to learn new information instead of absorbing all of the info Phil told me to focus on. I decided to drop everything at that point and trust Phil. I spent the last week, day and evening, doing ONLY Phil problems. I felt very prepared for the exam and passed!

I should have listened from the beginning, but at least I got my act together. I think you guys really focus on what is pertinent to the exam.

Thank you!

–Heather Justison


Dear Yaeger team,
I want to thank all of you, from bottom of my heart. Your help encouraged me to pass all parts of the CPA exam.

Your review materials are so efficient and powerful. I followed exactly what the instructors said and it turned out wonderful.

I got FAR 77, AUD 75, BEC 78 and REG 86 (which is a miracle. Thank you, Sonny for your timely support after I failed the first try of 74).

Your service is excellent and I could not have fulfilled my CPA dream without your support!

Once again, thank you all!
–Xi Chen


I just got my FAR score… 84!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Yaeger, especially Cindy! She is such a good instructor – she explains everything very clearly and she makes it enjoyable to study (a seemingly impossible feat for an instructor). I have a very clear and thorough understanding of accounting thanks to Cindy.
Please post this with your testimonials!
Thanks again,

–S. Berger


Rosy Almanzar wrote:

I just wanted to say thanks to Yeager!! I previously took FAR twice receiving scores of 72 both times I had used the Becker review course, I then decided to use the Yeager cram – I studied for 3 weeks and my score increased by 10 pts! I am happy to say that I received an 82 on my FAR exam and proud to say I am finally done thanks to Yeager!!


Dear Phil and Bonni and Yaeger team-

I just wanted to thank your team for your great product in helping me pass REG. I initially bought the Gleim CPA-prep materials and passed the other 3 sections. However, I took REG twice and couldn't pass. My score kept getting worse and worse. My first score was 74, then 63. I was getting really frustrated. I decided to call Jeff Elliott of and he recommended that I order Yaeger ASAP and said I wouldn't regret it. I followed Phil Yaeger's study program as best as I could and felt a lot more confident going into the test center. The simulations seemed like a breeze this time. The simulation calculations that I had to do were all reviewed in great detail during Yaeger's course. I passed with an 85 using Yaeger's program! Thank you!

–Steve Pugsley


Good Morning Yaeger Team,

I wish to extend my greatest thank you to all of you for your help and dedication to getting students like me through the CPA exam. That is right. I just received my final test results this morning and I PASSED! I could NOT have made this journey without your assistance every step of the way. This has been a long journey for this stay at home mom in Delaware of a 7 year old and 3 year old, who had been out of school for 10 years when I started studying. You not only assisted me, but my husband as well. We both passed the CPA exam using your program, through tax seasons and children! That is a huge statement. I will always recommend your program to whoever I speak with about this journey because your program WORKS!!! Phil said, "I will do whatever I can to help you get through this test." Phil, you fulfilled your promise! Thank you to you and your outstanding teaching staff!!

Sincerely Team Yaeger's very appreciative student,
–Sarah Pusey


Van Vu wrote on Facebook: "Dear Yaeger team, I would like to thank all of you very much for helping me prepare for CPA exam in the last 3 months. I have successfully passed 3 parts in a single window (July/August 2011) thank to Yaeger incredible home-study set. I'm working on REG exam coming this October then I'll be done. The results I've got so far have proved that Yaeger is definitely my secret system. Thanks a lot again!!!"


Team Yaeger,

Thanks so much for helping me finally pass this beast! I don't know if you remember but I emailed you a couple months ago after I found out I got a 73 on FAR. I was going to purchase your cram but didn't have the money so I re-watched all the regular videos (51 hours!) in less than 3 weeks. Did all the questions 2 times over and did 5 practice exams on the Wiley site! That was enough to raise my score to an 81.

I am now waiting for my regs score to post. I used your regular homestudy and CRAM but I think the MCQ still got me. We will see.

Thanks again to you and your team!!!

 Adam Camacho



I just received my FAR score today and passed! It was the first section I had taken. I am currently studying for AUD.

I just want to thank you and Phil for the great teaching. I couldn't have done it without you. I walked out of the exam thinking I did horrible but was shocked this morning to see I passed.

Thanks again,

Daniel Moser


Subject: PASSED!

Hello Yaeger CPA!

I am very happy, relieved, shocked, un-weighted, right now as I sit and ponder that I have finally passed my last part of the CPA Exam and I am finished. It has been a long 20 month journey from start of studying to finish and I must say I am a little exhausted.

I can honestly say that I truly was a Yaeger convert after all of my previous attempts and failures until I switched to Yaeger and passed. I have to wonder why I was dumb enough to fail FAR 3 times before switching and Audit 4 times before I made the switch. I could be a case study for sure. But in the end, it was Yaeger that got me through and to a point where I can say: "I AM DONE!"

A great big huge thank you to all of the instructors for their time and expertise in the videos, the availability of Phil and other staff members for phone calls in those times of help and need and confusion (which btw, other companies are not so nice about, and quite condescending at times), and the great products Yaeger offers in conjunction with Wiley to create, in my estimation, the BEST CPA study aid on the market.

The Audit CRAM that I received, in response to a written request, gave me the extra study boost right before exam time and left me with a higher level of confidence in being ready for that last test, which I passed with my highest score ever and came up 17 points from my previous failure in doing so.

Yaeger ROCKS!

Just say "YES!" to Yaeger and "Git 'er done people!"

A most happy Yaeger student and now CPA,

– Kelli Mayer


Dear Bonni,

Please forward this email to Gary to thank him for helping me with the Audit part of the CPA exam. His help was clear, concise and helped me immensely to get through the exam. I received a score of 91 on the exam and now am 2 for 2 with your course (92 with FAR in April)

Thank You

–Michael Milito



I just wanted to thank you for the excellent product you produce. In case you need yet another testimony, you are free to post this below.

I just got my scores for Audit. I passed with a 90! I was so prepared for the exam and felt really good when I left, which made me nervous that I had a false sense of security, but deep down I knew that I was well prepared. Gary is an excellent instructor; he emphasized the important points of the exam questions so much that I caught myself reading the questions as he did when I was taking the exam. It worked and kept me from missing the "except fors" and "nots". I have passed FAR and AUD using Yaeger and I am currently studying for BEC which I plan to take in November. My goal was to pass 3 in 2011 and I am going to do it with the help of Yaeger!

My advice to athers: "Stop shopping and buy it! You will not regret it!"

– Georgia Chisholm

Senior Auditor


Subject: BEC Results

Passed with an 84! Thanks Team Yaeger! Will find out Aud results next week.

–Randy Graybill

Palm Springs, CA


More good news to share…I logged on this morning to discover I scored a 91 in Aud!! YEAH!!

fyi – I'm not a recent college graduate and definitely not in your "target market". 52 years old and have been out of school for many years. I am very pleased!

Working on REG now with Phil (testing in Nov) and then Far (testing in Feb 2012). I pray I can sustain the momentum and pass those two beasts!



Thank you very much for your advice, and particularly for the honest and straightforward approach to my issue. My experience in dealing with you has really proven to me that Yaeger CPA Review is clearly the best. This is truly a validation of what I've heard from other candidates. I will accumulate the funds, and get the review materials at the appropriate time, and also schedule the exams as recommended. Once again, thank you.





I just wanted to thank you and your team especially Dr. Phil Yaeger and Gary for helping me successfully pass the FARE of CPA Exam last May. I got an 86. I coudn't have done it without all of you. I used the DVD's and did all the questions told to do and followed everything you recommended. However, I wasn't sure what to expect after the test for certain, but very happy with my score! I have passed BEC and FARE now, 2 more to go. I am a mother of a 5 year old so I am taking one at a time to make sure I pass on the first go.

Thanks again.

–Samandini (Sammy) Wijesuriya


I used Yaeger Homestudy for BEC last November. I had just finished taking FAR in the middle of the month and used Yaegar for that as well. I wanted to finish as much as possible before the changes occured and only had two weeks to study for BEC. Luckily, Cindy and Phil for both sections were receptive to student learning with plenty of examples. They also narrowed down the questions to the ones that would help me the most. Although I had two weeks for BEC, I passed

both with plenty of cushion. Their teaching styles left me with no choice but to purchase the REG Homestudy with CRAM for 2011.

–Nisha A. Patel


I am a Yaeger-thusiast! Thanks to the excellent prep I passed all 4 sections the first time. I could almost hear the Yaeger instructors in my head as I was taking the tests ("It's not a taxable event!" "Use the fake cash method"). My undergrad degree was over 30 years ago, and as a government employee I don't do accounting or tax work on a daily basis — I needed a prep class and Yaeger more than delivered at a reasonable price.

–Diane Page


I don't know if you remember, but during the radio show in which I was a guest, Phil said all he wanted was for me to pass, and even though I am only a cram student, he'd answer all my questions anyway. I have one question for him…

What do I do with my free time now that I'm a CPA!?!?!?!?

That's right… I passed. Took my 73 and turned it into an 83. I blame 100% of my passing grades on the Yaeger Team! This is a wonderful support group!

On the radio show, Phil warned me "know your installment sales." Yes… you were right!

This is a deep heartfelt thank you from me. I could not have done this without your team. I am a CPA (paperwork pending) today because I found the right system for me… it was your course.

I would be more than happy to be available to you in the future for anything you need. I am screaming the Yaeger name on every rooftop I can find. Anyone that asks me about CPA review courses, I tell them my Becker experience and how Yaeger got me where I needed to be. In fact, I had someone just yesterday asking about it and is planning to drop their Becker for you.

I can't thank you enough, say good enough things about you, or get enough people to buy your course to show my gratitude.

Thank you,

Former CPA Candidate ;)

Thank you,


Vice President/Sr. Tax Prof. II



Becker just didn't work for me. Highlighting, underlining, writing little notes in the margin of the text and writing down a ton of mnemonics doesn't work for me. I prefer listening to the lecture and working through problems with someone. More like the college environment with my professor at the board. Learning the "Y" versus just memorizing in order to regurgitate for an exam.



I just couldn't pass REG and AUDIT with Becker. The first time using your products I passed REG with a 78 and AUD with an 87! I have now passed all 4 parts and I only wish I had used your product before WASTING my money on the other ones. I'm not an auditor, so, obviously in AUD going from 71 to 87 was amazing to me…

Joseph P. Accetturo II


Hi Yaeger team

Just received my FAR score today. Received a 94 on a first attempt using your course. Thank you so much for the great review course!

- Rebecca Dahl


Dear Phil, Cindy and Gary,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent review program for the FARE part of the CPA exam. Thanks to your review courses, I was able to get a 92 on my first try on the CPA exam. I still have the other 3 sections to study for (which I have your CPA course for too), but if the other courses are as good as the FARE course was, I am confident that I have made a great investment.

Thank You,

-Michael Milito


Hi Cindy,

I received my scores today for BEC and scored an 81, which is one of the best scores I've made on these exams thanks to your BEC section. Thank you so much! With this I have completed the CPA exam and I can move forward with my life. Thank you all at Yaeger for having the most comprehensive review material around.

PS. I'm currently pursuing the CMA and will add this to my arsenal in the near future.

Kind Regards,

-Owen Mc