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Becoming an International CPA

Millennials are the first to experience the world second hand through social media and easy access via the internet. This access along with a desire to have authenticity in their lives not given via social media has instilled in many a desire to see the world first hand. Take a look at how this is possible for those pursuing a career as a CPA.

CPA's, beware of Hackers

Cyber hacking is making the headlines more and more. Millions of people are at risk of having their information sold or used against them, including risk of identity theft. What can you as a CPA do about it and how can you better prepare yourself to help your clients (and make yourself more marketable in the process)?

Luck is not real.

Have you been questioning luck or "making it" and comparing your life to others? Truth is, luck as we think about it is mostly a made up idea. While it seems handed to some people, and not everyone deserves what they get, there are certain truth's behind people's success.

Do Millennials Deserve All the Negative Connotations They Receive?

Millennials are easy targets for older generations. They are the first to grow up with social media as an asset, but also the first where previous generations can gripe about them in such a public manner. Take a look at what challenges millennials face in the work force, what they can offer, and how to manage the differences.

Are you managing your reputation online?

We live in an age where personal information is public and news travels fast. Even though it is unintentional or unexpected, professionals may be judging you by the presentation of your personal life. Make sure you know how you're coming across before it's too late.

1920's law could lead to revealing of Trump's Tax Records

The odd times continue with the political scene in the USA. Right now there is new drama stirred up in regards to Trump's tax records. As an accountant, what are your thoughts on revealing important private tax information (especially by using this law) of our nations most powerful individual?