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1920's law could lead to revealing of Trump's Tax Records

The odd times continue with the political scene in the USA. Right now there is new drama stirred up in regards to Trump's tax records. As an accountant, what are your thoughts on revealing important private tax information (especially by using this law) of our nations most powerful individual?

If your firm was a car, would it still be running well?

If you neglect your car, the results can be catastrophically obvious. Without gas your car will stall, without oil, it will seize up, and neglecting it completely can literally end up in a ball of flames on the side of the road. Maintenance makes all the difference. Your company may be more subtle than a clunking engine. You still want to avoid the ball of flames, but also want to make sure your business is reliable and running smoothly for the long term.

AdaptaPass: What you need to know

AdaptaPASS is the one all inclusive study tool you'll need to have to pass all four sections of the CPA Exam. The customization helps you pass by helping make the most of your time spent studying.